Resources – Disability History Lecture Series

In the past few decades ‘disability’ has climbed the academic ladder. Just as race, class and gender itnow is being considered an advantageous instrument for critically exploring a wide range of societal issues.
The aim of the Disability History Lecture Series organized at the KU Leuven is to explore and promote the innovative role ‘disability’ can play at the intersection of anthropological, historical and educational studies. This interdisciplinary approach will be reflected not only in the themes presented but also in the divergent backgrounds of the scholars invited.
The penultimate aim of this Lecture Series is to bring together a wide variety of scholars in order to spread the word that ‘disability’ is out there and can be of use for those who are looking for intellectual refreshment.
The KU Leuven Disability History Lecture Series is a joined initiative of Prof. Pieter Verstraete (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences), Prof. Patrick Devlieger (Faculty of Social Sciences) and Prof. Kaat Wils (Faculty of Arts).
If you would like to receive some more information or if you would like to suggest yourself or a person you know as a possible speaker for this lecture series, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to

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