Public Disability History Blog

About, by Sebastian Barsch, Anne Klein, Ylva Söderfeldt, Pieter Verstraete


Who are we?

Editors-in-chief and editorial board are historians from all over the world.

Who are our readers?

Public Disability History is for all people interested in the history of disabilities. This includes academic historians, activists, persons with disabilities, history teachers, public historians, curators, heritage counsellors, fellow disability historians, etc.

Who can contribute?

All people who have something to say, report or illustrate on the history of disabilities. Use our contact form to write us or use this email:

What is innovative on Public Disability History?

We think that Disability History is an undertaking which is ideally democratic, open and emancipatory. This blog is a way of implementing that approach in a mode of communicating and disseminating. Furthermore, it combines different existing research traditions – public history, disability history, heritage and performance studies etc. – in a way that a discussion-friendly and accessible to everyone, thus providing the opportunity for those interested in overcoming dichotomous thinking and speaking.


Editorial board

Gaby Admon-Rick, Bar Ilan University (Israel)
Monika Baar, University of Leiden (Netherlands)
Daniel Blackie, Swansea University (Great Britain)
Susan Burch, Middlebury College (USA)
Mercedez Del Cura Gonzalez, Universidad de Castilla-la Mancha (Spain)
Faye Ginzburg, New York University (USA)
Jan Grue, University of Oslo (Norway)
Stefan Sunandan Honisch, Banting Fellow, Department of Theatre and Film University of British Columbia (Canada)
Yoshiya Makita, College of Policy Science/ Ritsumeikan University (Japan)
Cordula Nolte, University of Bremen (Germany)
Geoffrey Reaume, York University (Canada)
Sonali Shah, University of Glasgow (Great Britain)
Matilda Svensson, Lund University (Sweden)
David Turner, Swansea University (Great Britain)
Anne Waldschmidt, University of Cologne (Germany)
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