Rédacteur en chef : Ninon Dubourg

Dr. Ninon Dubourg is a current postdoctorate funded by the FRS-FNRS and hosted in the Unit Research “Transitions” within the Uliège, Belgium. She had a Ph.D. from the University of Paris, France. Her research interests include the laical and clerical physical and mental disability in Medieval Europe (XII-XV C), based on the petition and papal letters conserved in the Papal Archives of the Vatican Apostolic Archives and the Apostolic Penitentiary. This kind of ecclesiastical document offers us significant insight into the Church’s comprehension of the social experience of disability.

Working on many relative questions, she likes to approach new topics such as disabled identity, medieval masculinities, medicine in the Middle Ages, biblical studies, canon law, medieval linguistic, and so on.

She is in charge of the research blog History of Disease, Disability & Medicine in Medieval Europe and the Co-organisation of the monthly seminar “Construire une histoire du handicap et de la surdité au travers des siècles” (Building a history of disability and deafness through the centuries) with Fabrice Bertin (EHESS) Gildas Brégain ( CNRS) (2021-2022) (

She is also a member of the “Réseau jeunes chercheurs Handicap(s) et Sociétés, Programme Handicaps et Sociétés” – EHESS, Paris ( and foreign associate of the research network “Homo Debilis” at the Bremen University (


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