Call for Papers Leeds IMC 2024: Understanding Miracles: Crisis Resolution and Community Impact

Miracles occurred in a variety of environments and for numerous reasons in the Middle Ages. This panel will seek to understand the impact of these miracles on individuals and their communities, whether that be personal healing, contributing to the power of a shrine, or helping to ratify a holy object. Miracles could also be used to resolve a crisis, whether of personal health, related to the natural world, or even in a more abstract sense relating to politics or conflict. 

Often defying neat categorisation, events designated as miraculous in the medieval source materials may be read through a variety of different lenses, including disability studies, history of medicine, political thought and environmental studies. This panel seeks to present papers from numerous perspectives to consider the different roles that miracles could play throughout the medieval world. 

Papers might address (but are not limited to):

-the role of disability and miracles

-miracles involving natural phenomena

-the resolution of crises through miracles

-miracles in relation to natural disasters and/or epidemic disease  

Please submit an abstract of c.300 words, a 100 word biographical statement and whether you would intend to present virtually or in person. Please email this to Alex Lee at and Sunny Harrison by 11 September.


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