CFP – ICMS kalamazoo – Mutual Aid and the Middle Ages (virtualsession) org. by Abby Ang

Mutual Aid and the Middle Ages

Contact: Abby Ang
Modality: Virtual
The COVID-19 pandemic instigated global mutual aid activity, inspired partly by Peter Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution (1902). Kropotkin draws from a variety of sources to argue that horizontal cooperation, rather than competition, is what has allowed various species to survive and thrive. He describes guilds and unions of the Middle Ages as sites where mutual aid thrived. 120 years after its publication, this paper panel considers how works of the Middle Ages might have explored cooperation, responsibility, and solidarity across experiences of gender, race, sexuality, disability, and class—and how such care may remain urgent and crucial today.

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Ninon Dubourg (sharing info) (2022, 23 août). CFP – ICMS kalamazoo – Mutual Aid and the Middle Ages (virtualsession) org. by Abby Ang. History of Disease, Disability & Medicine in Medieval Europe. Consulté le 19 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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