CFP – IMCS Kalamazoo 2023 – SSDMA sponsored roundtable – “Neurodiversity and the Medieval” (roundtable, virtual session)

SSDMA-sponsored roundtable at ICMS Kalamazoo 2023:
“Neurodiversity and the Medieval” (roundtable, virtual session)
A great deal of medieval disability scholarship in recent years has focused on mental disability, specifically madness and intellectual disability (eg Metzler 2016; McNabb 2020). These two topics are often separated from one another in scholarship. This roundtable asks scholars to bring them together, along with other forms of mental difference, under the umbrella of neurodiversity. How can we conceptualize neurodiversity in the medieval period? How do neurodiverse scholars enrich our understandings of the medieval period itself? We encourage submissions from all medieval disciplines to address one or both of these questions.
We welcome submissions from any subdiscipline of Medieval Studies and are particularly interested in work that significantly engages with frameworks of neurodiversity.
Abstracts due September 15 to the ICMS 2023 Confex page:

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Ninon Dubourg (sharing info) (2022, 4 août). CFP – IMCS Kalamazoo 2023 – SSDMA sponsored roundtable – “Neurodiversity and the Medieval” (roundtable, virtual session). History of Disease, Disability & Medicine in Medieval Europe. Consulté le 19 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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