CFP – Health, Illness, Medicine and Bodies in Medieval Northern Europe: 700-1500 CE – 58th International Congress on Medieval Studies

Kalamazoo, MI, 11-13 May 2023

Organiser: Luthien Cangemi (University College London)

The interest in the social understanding of Medicine has recently reached far beyond Medieval Studies, playing a central role in many fields of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as within medical and paramedical research. Exploring past conceptions of bodies, health and illness is instrumental to our contemporary approach to Medicine, as it provides the theoretical background to understand Medicine as a practice not limited to the biomedical paradigm. This panel wants to contribute to the scholarly debate by analysing how medieval communities in Northern Europe constructed their ideas of Medicine, Health, Illness and Bodies focussing on the intersection of social and cultural factors.
This panel explores the conceptions of bodies, health, illness and medicine in the Nordic areas of Medieval Europe: England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Scandinavia and Iceland, with an emphasis on how social factors such as gender, race, class, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability and culture contact can impact such ideas. The interdisciplinary approach of the panel welcomes contributions from the fields of history, literature, philosophy, science, religion, art, archaeology, and manuscript studies. Contributors are invited to analyse their sources both in Latin and vernacular languages, addressing questions pertaining to the social constructions of health, illness and medicine and their historical framework.

Please submit your paper proposal (title and 300-word abstract) through the submission portal by 15 September 2022 (https:/ / /medievalcongress /call). Papers should be 15-20 minutes in length. The session encourages submission from those attending the ICMS in-person. Please address any questions to the organiser at

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