CFP – “Ageing and Medieval Spiritualities”, to be published in Quaderni di storia religiosa medievale

Ageing and Medieval Spiritualities

Editors: Mireia Comas-Via and Araceli Rosillo-Luque


Submissions: 500-800 words (Times New Roman 12, 1.5 space)
Deadline: 2022, January 14.

Collective volume to be submitted to Quaderni di storia religiosa medievale in Autumm 2022.

Languages accepted: English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Topics may address old women and men and ageing processes in connection with spirituality from a historical and cultural perspective.

Proposals may include but are not limited to:

  • Spiritual care of the aged soul: shelter, assistance and health practices aimed at elderly people; assistance practices were developed to shelter them and take care of them.
  • Long-live life within religious institutions (monasteries, convents, beguinages, canonical collegiates, parishes).
  • Old age and ageing in monasteries, understanding them as places chosen as personal projects of ageing.
  • Discourses on old age and spirituality: analysis of the iconographic and text representations with reference to old women and men saints, monks, nuns, mystics, beguines, bishops, or other religious figures.
  • Devotional practices and ageing in urban communities: charitable activities; confraternities as important venues of spiritual riches, and social capital; testamentary bequests.
  • Secular clergy and old age.
  • Non-claustral communities and individuals and old age (beguines, tertiaries, dissident groups).
  • Non-Christian spiritualities and ageing in the medieval context (Judaism, Islam).

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Ninon Dubourg (sharing info) (2021, 22 novembre). CFP – “Ageing and Medieval Spiritualities”, to be published in Quaderni di storia religiosa medievale. History of Disease, Disability & Medicine in Medieval Europe. Consulté le 23 mai 2024, à l’adresse

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