CFP – Emotions on the Fringes: Marginalised, Monstrous, and Supernatural Emotions – Leeds 2022

While the study of emotion in literature has received major scholarly interest throughout recent years, the study of the emotional landscape of supernatural concepts and monsters, however, represents uncharted territory. This session aims to explore the emotions of marginalised communities as well as monstrous and supernatural concepts, the vocabulary of their emotions, their literary functions as well as reactions toward such entities. What emotions are marginalised communities, monsters, and supernatural concepts depicted with? Is there a certain inventory of emotions that such concepts can be said to have ‘traditionally’ been described with? How similar or divergent are these emotions to those of human figures?
In keeping with the IMC 2022 thematic strand ‘Borders’, this session will explore representations of emotions of supernatural and monstrous concepts as well as other marginalised communities. As this session is intended to be interdisciplinary in nature, papers from various fields and topics relating to/combining the study of emotions, among others comparative study of literature, linguistics, and history, are welcomed.
Topics may include but are not limited to
• Emotions and feelings of the supernatural, monstrous, and marginalised communities
• Emotional reactions towards supernatural, monstrous, and marginalised communities
• Literary emotional communities on the peripheries
• Semantic dimensions of emotion lexemes
• Comparative study of emotions, feelings, and senses
• Depiction of emotions in textual media and medieval art
Please send abstracts of no more than 250 words for a 20-minute paper to Dr Felix Lummer ( by September 1st, 2021.

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