Meeting – conference – Deviance: Aspects & Approaches The Fifteenth Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference Friday 5th – Saturday 6th April 2019, Kellogg College, Oxford

5 April

9.30-9.50am Registration

9.50-10am Welcome

10-11am Immorality – Chair: Sarah Bridge (St Hilda’s College, Oxford)

  • Henry Ravenhall (King’s College London), ‘[T]u ne sivis mie la voie du commencement’: deviant politics and deviant textuality around the figure of Pierre de La Broce’
  • James Strawbridge (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford), ‘Trial by Comparison: Icelandic Insular Romance and Reflections on Right and Wrong’

11-11.30am Break with Hot & Cold Drink

11.30am-1pm Different Bodies – Chair: Anna Branford (St Anne’s College, Oxford)

  • Alyssa Steiner (St Edmund’s Hall, Oxford), ‘Birdmen: Bodily Deviance and the Establishment of Narrative Dominion in the Early Courtly Verse Narrative Herzog Ernst (B)’
  • Jade Godsall (University of Bristol), ‘Deviant Bodies and Motherhood: Reimagining the ‘Opened’ Female Body’
  • Roan Runge (University of Glasgow), ‘Does Áed Sláne’s mother dream of unnatural sheep?: ‘species panic’ and unhuman offspring in medieval Irish literature’

1-2.30pm Lunch

2:30-4pm Political Resistance– Chair: Alexander Peplow (Merton College, Oxford)

  • Jose Maria Andres Porras (St Hugh’s College, Oxford), ‘Deviance, Social Cohesion, and the Centralizing Power of the State in Florence Analysed through the Lens of Political Exclusion, c. 1239-1315’
  • Maximilian Nix (Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen), ‘Keep Faith and Kill the Tyrant: Knowledge and Resistance via Knowledge in John of Salisbury’s Policraticus’
  • Richard Winkler (Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen), ‘Loyal Rebels: King and Peerage in the Conceptions of Ideal Rulership in 15th Century England’

4-430pm Break with Hot & Cold Drinks

4.30-6pm Keynote Addresses

Dr Alicia Spencer Hall (University College London), ‘Defiantly Deviant: Disability, Temporality, and Medievalist Methodologies’

Tim Wingard (University of York), ‘“What cow is wont to seek another cow?”: Animality, Sexual Deviance, and the Construction of Heteronormativity’ 6pm Drinks Reception 7pm Conference Dinner

6 April

8.30-9.30am Tea and Coffee

9.30-11am Disability and Disease – Chair: Rebecca Menmuir (Jesus College, Oxford)

  • Anne Jeavons (University of Reading), ‘Deviancies of behaviour, cognition, perception and mood in Constantine of Africa’s De Melancholia’
  • Jude Seal (Royal Holloway), ‘Disability, Difference, and Deviance: An Alternative Approach to examining disability in the Middle Ages’
  • Ninon Dubourg (University of Paris Diderot), ‘Sicut Domino placuit ortus fuisti, disabled children’s births according to the Papal Chancery during the 13th century’

11-11.30am Break with Hot & Cold Drink

11.30am-1pm Texts and Traditions– Chair: William Brockbank (Jesus College, Oxford)

  • Berber Bossenbroek (Leiden University), ‘Hliste se þe Wille: The Didactic Additions of the Old English Metres of Boethius’
  • Hannah Piercy (Durham University), ‘Rejecting Love in Medieval Romance: The Deviance of Malory and Ettarde’
  • Jorn Hubo (Ghent University), ‘The opening stanzas of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; An ouverture of generic duplicity?’

1-2.30pm Lunch

2.30 – 4pm Anti-Social Behaviour– Chair: Susanna Markert (Jesus College, Oxford)

  • Jennifer Weeks (Royal Holloway), ‘Beastly beani: examples of the written culture of deviant university scholars’
  • Huw Jones (Jesus College, Oxford), ‘Barbarism as Deviance in Northern Europe, c1100-1250’
  • Kimon Velitzandis (Royal Holloway), ‘Latinisation as Deviance in Late Byzantine Society: the Case of Theodore Palaeologus’

4-4.30pm Break with Hot & Cold Drinks

4.30-5.30pm Keynote Address

Professor Almut Suerbaum (Somerville College, Oxford) ‘Between abegescheidenheit and wegelos: Historical Semantics of Deviance’

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